Alvin fra Kjær

GeschlechtHengstStockmaß138 cm
Geburtsjahr2018Geboren inDänemark Dänemark
EkzemNeinPreis9000 €
Mutter Diva fra Vinkærgård MMFönn
MVBreki frá Eyrarbakka
VaterBastían frá Þóreyjarnúpi VMSaga frá Þóreyjarnúpi
VVBragi frá Kópavogi

Standort des Pferdes

8723 Løsning
Dänemark Dänemark


Alvin fra Kjær is a 2.5 year old stallion with an expected final stock of 138 cm with a BLUP on 114.
He is incredibly easy to handle and is used to daily handling.

He is 5 gaited and shows all gaits with large capacity and great energy.

Alvin is entitled to cover 4 mares each year when he is 3 and 4 years old if he has been judged for his building as a stallion, because of his amazing linage.

Father: Bastían frá Þóreyjarnúpi - rated with 8.48 total and 8.61 in ridden abilities, with 10 for tölt, 9.5 for will / mind and form under rider and 9 for trot, canter, slow tölt and work canter.

Fathers father: Bragi frá Kópavogi - rated with 8.31 total and 8.51 in ridden abilities, with 9 for tölt, canter, form under rider and work canter.

Fathers mother: Saga frá Þóreyjarnúpi - rated with 7.94 total and 7.97 in ridden abilities, with 8.5 for tölt and will and mind, and 8 for trot, form under rider, walk and slow tölt.

Mother: Diva fra Vinkærgård - rated with 7.95 total, with 8 for tölt, canter, will and mind, form under rider and slow tölt.

Mothers father: Breki frá Eyrarbakka - rated with 8.42 total and 8.65 in ridden abilities, with 9.5 for will and 9 for tölt and trot.

Mothers mother: Fönn - rated with 8.08 total and 8.15 in ridden abilities, with 9 for will, 8.5 for tölt and 8 for trot, pass, mind and form under rider.

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Maja Møller Hansen
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8723 Løsning
Dänemark Dänemark

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Alvin fra Kjær