Ægir frá Efra-Núpi black roan pinto, tot 7.85 4-g

GeschlechtHengstStockmaß143 cm
Geburtsjahr2007Geboren inIsland Island
FarbeBlack roan pinto Eignung
EkzemNeinPreis22000 €

Standort des Pferdes

76292 RIMBO
Schweden Schweden


Aegir frá Efra-Núpi, black roan pinto stallion born 2007.

Aegir is truly a one of a kind stallion with his temperament, colour and gaits. The second highest judged stallion in the world with the colour black roan pinto (highest judged for riding abilities). He is a 4 gaiter judged to a total of 7.85 with 8.5 for tolt, trot and spirit, 8.0 for the rest of the riding abilities. Very even in all gaits so perfect for competitions where he has competed with between 6-6.5 for all gaits. He has also competed together with an 11 year old rider and they scored 5.97 in T4, so a lot of potential in all tests depending on what the rider wants to focus on. Has received 8.40 in gaedingakeppni B-flokk. Very calm and does not act like a stallion, a dream to have with you on competitions, practices etc.

He is very fun to ride. Powerful and easy to shift between gaits, nice general impression and high movements. Really gives a WOW-feeling when looking at him. Well educated.

Imported to Sweden in November 2015. No previous injuries, excema or other sicknesses.


Frihamra Gård
Ninni Bjärrenholt
Frihamra Gård
76292 Rimbo
Schweden Schweden

Telefon: +46703032610



Ægir frá Efra-Núpi black roan pinto, tot 7.85 4-g